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Privacy and Confidentiality


Hong Kong Play Therapy and Counselling Centre may ask you to provide certain personal data (including health and employment) or obtain from an appropriate third party your medical, healthcare, employment and/or academic history solely for your counselling needs. Counsellors are not medical doctors and therefore are not registered with the Medical Council of Hong Kong. Hence, there are no medical records on file except for the counsellor"s notes that are private and confidential, and are never released to any third party save for if said counsellor notes are ordered/and or subpoenaed by the Court.


It is a primary duty of all our counsellors to ensure our clients feel safe and that their counselling needs are being provided in a confidential, safe, highly professional, effective and caring manner. All counsellors receive regular clinical supervision with their cases to ensure the safety and care of all clients. However, in the event of exceptional cases such as foreseeable harm to self, others and/or a child, Hong Kong Play Therapy and Counselling Centre, legally and ethically by way of Article 14 of the Hong Kong Bill of Rights, Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and the professional code of ethics from the Australian Counselling Association and the Asian Professional Counselling and Psychology Association, may be justified to disclose certain information to an appropriate legal/government party.


With respect to Hong Kong"s Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Hong Kong Play Therapy and Counselling Centre is vigilant with Six Data Protection Principles as so recommended by the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (Hong Kong):


DPP1: Data Collection Principle: the data we collect is the usual and customary data collected when completing a registration and consent form in healthcare. At no time do we share a client"s data with any third party outside of Hong Kong Play Therapy and Counselling Centre save for when requested by a legal authority. At no time do we formulate a mailing list and send any material to any of our clients regarding any type of events or activities;


DPP2: Accuracy and Retention Principle: a client will be provided with a copy of their registration and consent form at their initial appointment, and at any time may contact our Office Administrator to correct any information they may find as incorrect. All client data is deleted within six (6) to twelve (12) months of their termination of counselling services;


DPP3: Data Use Principle: the data collected from a client is solely used for counselling purposes, and in the event of a referral to a medical/healthcare third party, the client shall consent of any and all personal data released to said third party. At no time does Hong Kong Play Therapy and Counselling Centre share, copy, distribute and/or make readily available for use by our related parties;


DPP4: Data Security Principle: Hong Kong Play Therapy and Counselling Centre assigns a client number that is used solely in any and all session notes that protects the privacy and confidentiality of all clients. There are stringent data protection, privacy and confidentiality policies at Hong Kong Play Therapy and Counselling Centre to ensure data is not lost, misplaced and/or misused;


DPP5: Openness Principle: Hong Kong Play Therapy and Counselling Centre will not share any client"s data with another third party without written consent by the client. The data we collect is solely for registration/consent that allows a client to engage in a private, professional, safe and confidential counselling experience. Any and all information shared in a counselling session shall remain private and confidential;


DPP6: Data Access & Correction Principle: A client may request access to their data by requesting in person and/or writing. The request for a client"s data will be responded to within forty-eight (48) hours. Hong Kong Play Therapy and Counselling Centre Data Accuracy and Retention Principle states that all data of a client shall be deleted within six (6) to twelve (12) months of termination of counselling services.



A person under the age of 18 requires consent from their parent(s) to receive counselling at Hong Kong Play Therapy and Counselling Centre offices. At registration for the initial counselling session the Registration Form is also confirming consent for counselling by that adult client and/or the guardian of a person under the age of 18.


Clinical Supervision

All counsellors at Hong Kong Play Therapy and Counselling Centre undergo regular clinical supervision to ensure their clients" well-being, counselling goals, privacy and safety issues are sustained in counselling. Counsellors at Hong Kong Play Therapy and Counselling Centre also conduct group meeting each month where counsellors receive updated training on counselling trends and therapy techniques for our clients.